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Climbing up High

Well these photographs are too good (breath-taking) to miss. And I am proud to say I took the banner photo on the warpandwoofknitting blog. The 27th was a special anniversary day for the author and what better thing to do than go hike up a mountain.

Being up high, climbing up to a high point and look out around, is what I love to do. Inspiring and a time when insights break free in unexpected ways. Ah! Happy memories of climbing a Tor on Dartmoor years ago – which is where I may well be in a few days time.

Being Mortal

Being Mortal - A Bubble in a Stream
Being Mortal – A Bubble in a Stream

As a bubble in
a stream
a phantasm
a dream.

Who knows how and where
the sweet dew
of mortal life
will…make manifest.

In life do we notice?
Yes! But life is eternal
Isn’t it?
Right now never ends!

With a crash or a thud
or a slow dribbling
Life breath stops

Eternal night? – a fantasy.

Opening palms skywards
the sweet dew
in our deepest Heart.

This is for Rosie who met a tragic end the other day and for Grant, My Luminous Friend, who took his last breath a year ago. My thoughts for those who watched the breathing stop. And still the ‘sweet dew’ remains. In the words of Neil Sedaka, Breaking up is hard to do.

And thanks to Mark, once again, for his photograph.

Throssel – In the Early 1980’s

How it was from the air in 1984.
How it was from the air in 1984.

There is a new photo gallery ‘How it was in the early 1980’s’ on the Throssel website showing how it was in the early 1980’s. It takes my breath away to think of the amount of work done by the monks and guests during this time. The ceremony hall was finally completed in 1985 as I remember. And soon after that the old barn was pulled down and construction started on what is now the monks meditation hall with rooms and offices below.

Every body gave there all to make this place possible. And that has not ceased…..

Understanding Commitment – a Talk

Dragon Fly 2Well done Mark for capturing images of this Dragonfly. Sometime I’ll write about Dragons and the Buddhist teaching they are associated with.  Needless to say the photograph, and dragons in general, have nothing to do with the subject of this post!

A talk by me titled Understanding Commitment, or appreciating the evolution of commitment to practice, has recently been uploaded onto the Throssel Hole Abbey website. Thought you might be interested.

Tomorrow I head towards Norwich for the start of a nine day ‘tour’. The weather doesn’t look that special. Have a thought…please.


Taking shelter from the rain - wales
Taking shelter from the rain – wales

Sometimes clarity
of seeing
sometime not.
Sometimes clarity
of thought
it’s cloudy in here!
seeing clearly
And sometimes
there is the
rising up
past duality
to see

Just like this!

This is for all those whose *eyesight is impared, disturbed, or otherwise impeded. There is more to seeing than clear sight! Eyesight is defined as: Normal use of the faculty of vision. This week I’ve learnt afresh that normal use is highly conditioned.