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We are The Birds That Stay

‘Tis not that Dying hurts us so –
‘Tis Living – hurts us more –
But Dying – is a different way –
A Kind behind the Door –

The Southern Custom – of the Bird –
That ere the Frosts are due –
Accepts a better Latitude –
We – are the Birds – that stay.
Emily Dickinson

So continuing on with the theme of ‘the immoveable/indestructible you’. And now adding to that thought, why is being mortal such a drag! Buddhism puts it bluntly: We have what we don’t want and we want what we don’t have! Living is about turning that little problem on it’s head. The continuing attempt to do that leads to constant frustration/anger. Which leads to our protecting ourselves by believing things are not the way they are. Or at least not as bad as we think, Oh, and we didn’t want/not want (what ever it was) anyway which is delusion. That’s suffering and the teaching contained within the Twelve Steps of Dependent a detailed description of WHY it’s endless. That link takes you to an explanation that could be educational without too much brain pain!

I’m sure I’m not the first person who has thought or wondered about death and become afraid or at the very least disturbed. However for the most part we don’t, we get on with living. Best we can. However when in more reflective moments we may wonder why living is oddly unsatisfactory even when we have what we want. Being alive, or dead, are not choices however the HOW of living (and dying) is. Here is a story.

A nun I’m acquainted with told of a letter she had received from a woman in a prison in Asia somewhere. The details of why she was there I can’t remember but I think she might have been a political prisoner. The woman wrote, Every day the guards take me out of the cell and beat and abuse me. And every day I do my sitting and walking meditation. She concluded by saying, ‘And I am FREE!’ That is an example of spiritual indestructibility. She had passed through the gate, or door, of life and death and found ‘Kind’ behind it.

We are the birds that stay.

Thoughts Into The New Year

Pondering the past
Pondering the past

That’s IT!
No more of this
Looking back through
2016’s murk.

Pundits say
gone, (not forgotten)
deceptions winning smiles
2016’s ‘antics’.

I say:
let go the dualities
For or Against
2016’s legacy?

That said:
A moment to remember
those who hurt,
hunger, suffer.
And cry out.

That said:
Listen, hear, act.
Together let us create
a flourishing year.
Along the Median Way.

And do our part to tackle sufferings cause.
At the very least that.

Goodby Kind Friend – The Bear The Cat

For those who have loved and lost a dear cat friend.

My cat The Bear died yesterday morning. I’m pretty sure I know the exact moment he died because at about 2.40am I woke with a full body jolt that felt like a benevolently intended electric shock and my house felt very different to how it had ever felt before. A few hours later, as the lazy winter sun was finally beginning to rise over the line of bare trees overlooking my house, I went downstairs and found him on his side in the hallway, lifeless. I wrapped him in the towel I’d been recently using to dry him after cleaning his increasingly matted fur, and buried him in the garden.

Tim Cox blog

A dear friend, Angie, sent me the link to this post and said, You might be interested to read what Tom Cox wrote when his old puss died as it is very moving. Quite long though so when you get time! It’s about the best account of the death of a companion animal I’ve ever read. I thought at first it was her voice and story, it could have been. However as I read on, drawn in, I realized it wasn’t mainly because the back story didn’t fit what I knew of her. Writing books….you could do that Angie….

This post stands in memory of all those animal friends we have buried after many years of companionship. I’m remembering Petrushka dog and Max cat both late of Shasta Abbey.

Ode to My Mother


Did I say
I love you?
Well I do
Back then you were
the competition!

You drove a
double-decker bus,
rode a motorbike.
Had an Austin 7.
And not turned 25!

1925/30 you
lived in a tent
for a summer on
the Devon coast.
And who was that man!

Now long gone
no longer the
Resting at Throssel
Beside my dad.

She lives on in me.
I love you mum.
who gave me the gift
of life and the gift of

Dorothy died December 1994 and was born 1908. She was the motivating force behind my writing this blog way back in 2003. This is my first post where I dedicate the blog to her. It was not an easy life, yet a full one.

The Sudden Walk has been out and about. On the Internet this time and publishes what they have found. A brief piece by Franz Kafka which for all you night walkers will ring a bell. And also for those of us who stay indoors, intending to stay put with a book, and then jump up and exit suddenly into the rain. And love it.

Here it is – The Sudden Walk

Thanks to the Canadian adventurous one author of wharpand woofknitting. And bows to those who step out into the unknown and manage to land on their feet.