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Being Mortal

Being Mortal - A Bubble in a Stream
Being Mortal – A Bubble in a Stream

As a bubble in
a stream
a phantasm
a dream.

Who knows how and where
the sweet dew
of mortal life
will…make manifest.

In life do we notice?
Yes! But life is eternal
Isn’t it?
Right now never ends!

With a crash or a thud
or a slow dribbling
Life breath stops

Eternal night? – a fantasy.

Opening palms skywards
the sweet dew
in our deepest Heart.

This is for Rosie who met a tragic end the other day and for Grant, My Luminous Friend, who took his last breath a year ago. My thoughts for those who watched the breathing stop. And still the ‘sweet dew’ remains. In the words of Neil Sedaka, Breaking up is hard to do.

And thanks to Mark, once again, for his photograph.

Throssel – In the Early 1980’s

How it was from the air in 1984.
How it was from the air in 1984.

There is a new photo gallery ‘How it was in the early 1980’s’ on the Throssel website showing how it was in the early 1980’s. It takes my breath away to think of the amount of work done by the monks and guests during this time. The ceremony hall was finally completed in 1985 as I remember. And soon after that the old barn was pulled down and construction started on what is now the monks meditation hall with rooms and offices below.

Every body gave there all to make this place possible. And that has not ceased…..


Taking shelter from the rain - wales
Taking shelter from the rain – wales

Sometimes clarity
of seeing
sometime not.
Sometimes clarity
of thought
it’s cloudy in here!
seeing clearly
And sometimes
there is the
rising up
past duality
to see

Just like this!

This is for all those whose *eyesight is impared, disturbed, or otherwise impeded. There is more to seeing than clear sight! Eyesight is defined as: Normal use of the faculty of vision. This week I’ve learnt afresh that normal use is highly conditioned.

Cannot Be Given or Stolen

Ryokan, it is said, returned to his hut late one evening to find a thief there. He took this calmly – it was clear to both of them that there wasn’t anything worth robbing in his hut.  Ryokan was troubled because he didn’t want the man to leave empty-handed having walked up the mountain to see him. So he took all his cloths off and gave them to the thief. The thief took them and slunk off down the mountain…..

After he had left Ryokan mused, ‘Poor fellow, I wish I could have given him this beautiful moon’. Ryokan sitting naked gazing at the moon wrote the following poem.

The thief left it behind:
the moon
at my window.

Thanks to Mark for the beautiful photograph of the moon, apparently taken a short time before, or was it after, I made my last post.

Thoughts? Beware or Be Aware

1cattleSometimes, most often, thoughts come in crowds. Herds of them. They get our attention but at a distance and they generally disapate if left alone.

2AttentionSometimes they get closer and particularized. They move in, get closer. Get our attention.

3attentionCloser still into consciousness. Seems there is not much space. They crowd in. But even with the huffing and puffing of persistent thoughts, one can sit still. Like cattle in a field getting closer and closer, eventually those thoughts lose interest. Have less energy. They just remain for a bit, then take off. Only to return. But we know their game.

4attentionThen there is your ‘in yer face’ thoughts and emotions. Wow! Wait a moment, this is something I need to sit still with right now. Even so there is always a space. I am not the ‘cow’ it is not me! I’m not my thoughts. As real seeming, and as huge an impact as up close and ‘in your face’ thoughts, life events, tragedy, close to death/or birth events – there is IS space. And then there is……

5attentionThe Chinook Helicopter of thoughts/events/news which just are THERE, taking one over. They are the back story to everything. Benignly there, yet with constant menace and threat. They hang out in every waking moment. And in dreams as well.  Life threatening illnesses are as this, impending death is as this, impending birth is as this. I guess we all have our own versions – and yet…..

There is space.
That’s what one knows
as one who can
sit still
in the middle of
a mind full of
Be Aware.

This is for Anne right now. See how the bull is really a ‘pussy cat’ all dressed up to look mean and nasty?