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Thoughts? Beware or Be Aware

1cattleSometimes, most often, thoughts come in crowds. Herds of them. They get our attention but at a distance and they generally disapate if left alone.

2AttentionSometimes they get closer and particularized. They move in, get closer. Get our attention.

3attentionCloser still into consciousness. Seems there is not much space. They crowd in. But even with the huffing and puffing of persistent thoughts, one can sit still. Like cattle in a field getting closer and closer, eventually those thoughts lose interest. Have less energy. They just remain for a bit, then take off. Only to return. But we know their game.

4attentionThen there is your ‘in yer face’ thoughts and emotions. Wow! Wait a moment, this is something I need to sit still with right now. Even so there is always a space. I am not the ‘cow’ it is not me! I’m not my thoughts. As real seeming, and as huge an impact as up close and ‘in your face’ thoughts, life events, tragedy, close to death/or birth events – there is IS space. And then there is……

5attentionThe Chinook Helicopter of thoughts/events/news which just are THERE, taking one over. They are the back story to everything. Benignly there, yet with constant menace and threat. They hang out in every waking moment. And in dreams as well.  Life threatening illnesses are as this, impending death is as this, impending birth is as this. I guess we all have our own versions – and yet…..

There is space.
That’s what one knows
as one who can
sit still
in the middle of
a mind full of
Be Aware.

This is for Anne right now. See how the bull is really a ‘pussy cat’ all dressed up to look mean and nasty?

Not Crying Over Spilled Milk

poured forth
ran out
flowed out
scattered about.
Spillage, SPILLAGE!

It was double cream to be exact.
flipped off the kitchen counter
landed upside down
white liquid flowing
under the kitchen unit
there to go sour
and smell.

Did my best
mopped and wiped
wiped and mopped
Sheet after sheet of
newspaper, turning translucent
sheet after sheet
into the bin, into the bin.

Degrease with dish soap
AKA washing-up liquid
water – rinse, more water-rinse
dry, dryer, more dry
rubbish wrapped, new liner
in the bin. Cry? Not likely
Rubbish to the outside bin.
No use crying over spilled cream

Or spilled anything for that matter.

That was yesterday while visiting an elderly woman and when about to pour the lovely white liquid on a piece of apple pie. No, no good crying over spilled milk or spilled anything for that matter. I’d have taken a photograph but I was standing in the puddle! Bare foot.

Keen To Lern!

When I wrote my first letter applying for a job I was unschooled and innocent (ignorant). Not only was I applying for a job I wasn’t qualified for (no, I didn’t have a driving licence, no, not (yet) 21 years old and no (save for amateur tinkering about) experience as a photographer). However, I wrote, I am keen to lern. Apparently my spelling learn wrongly got me an interview because the employer liked the spirit behind my writing – and I also shared my first name with his daughter! Anyway I got the job. I did learn a great deal and became almost a member of the family. Early learning, (I was probably 17 years old at the time) stays deeply embedded in ones self (body/mind) and I’m still at the point where I could probably  print black and white prints at speed, perhaps with my eyes closed!

Like most children I learned to ride a bicycle which when I started seemed completely impossible. But I persisted, fell off, climbed back on again until I could steer a steady course across the lawn. And in no time I was tooling up and down the main road and riding no hands down the local hill, on a minor road. Riding a bike is complex learning and to make the point a chap illustrates in this video how difficult it is to unlearn and then relearn riding a modified bike. His learning looks as difficult as that old childhood trick of rubbing your tummy while tapping the top of your head. That’s had many a youngster engaged, or distracted, while practicing something which is essentially useless!

But, or however, I’ve remained keen to learn and over the years my unschooled state has changed to something resembling ‘educated’. Not in a traditional sense probably. My point, and there is one, is that the brain can learn to do new things, it can and does change itself fundamentally.  And what we call the self, isn’t what we think!


Courage is
being scared to death,
but saddling up anyway.

~John Wayne

Hat tip to Willow Tree Counselling for the above quote. There is a wealth of well written articles on this site the most recent one Counselling Ruptures: Crisis or Opportunity? could well be applied to any relationship which has been ‘ruptured’. Wonderful stuff.

Yes, maintaining a relationship invariably involves perseverance especially when things slip sideways. However there’s two chaps in China who are getting a lot of attention who seem to have things worked out pretty well. One is blind and the other has no arms. Together they have planted 10,000 trees! Now THAT is perseverance.

Thanks to Michael in Canada for the link to the tree planters. Now I am practicing perseverance with my web hosting company. Or perhaps it is that they are persevering with my requests to fix a problem I’m currently having!

Damascene Moments

Look towards Keswick, Lakeland.
Look towards Keswick, Lakeland.

A moment of insight, a flash of understanding, the clouds part and one sees which way to go. Be that a move in a career, a decision to study a particular subject. Or seeing into the way things are in a most fundamental way, sometimes in a very personal and intimate way.  These are Damascene moment, life changing moments. They do not come in ones either since all through life, my experience anyway, there are many such moments.

Sadly however Damascene moments quite often remain hidden, buried inside. Even flashes of insight one could label ‘spiritual’ go underground for lack of context to place one’s fresh new Truth in.  Or, as in my case, the moment was thought to be one thing when it was something very different! Read on!

A girl of around 5 or 6 in the woods of Sussex. Alone. Suddenly, or so it seemed, the world went dark. The birds stopped singing and there was an air of lingering mystical stillness. After awhile the world returned to normal and she now had a profound secret. Yes, I’d witness the end of the world, and it’s return! Not something to spread around obviously. Obviously a total eclipse of the sun but what did I know about such things at the time.

Only years later did the truth of the moment dawn on me having lived with a background thought that I had a secret. I’d buried it deeply enough to have forgotten I’d witnessed the end of the world.

For those who carry a personal secret, knowingly or unknowingly. Or a secret which they may not divulge without serious consequences.