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In the Dark

Beautiful still evening
stars out
walking in the dark


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“A diminished self-image causes us to slouch, to avoid looking others in the eye, to be unassertive, to be indecisive. On the other hand, a healthy self-image causes us to carry ourselves well, to speak confidently and to portray dignity.”
From Wu Wei I Ching Wisdom Quotes

One sees dignity in the natural world. Looking more carefully one sees this dignity in fellow humans.

Thanks to Mark for this photograph, one in a series of Ravens in flight.

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Upcheerings of The Season

An alternative Christmas Tree, Alston Cumbria.

Crochet squares sewn together, artfully, and configured into a Christmas tree.  Love the tippie star on top, also a crochet creation.

I do a bit of a dance around this time of year, the ‘holiday season’, with what to wish people when I send a card. This year I’ve been wishing people a ‘Peace Filled’ new year to come. I’m not shy about saying Happy Christmas or Xmas for that matter. Buddhamas? I don’t think so.

For me this time of year can do with as much ‘upcheering’ as we can all muster. Blasting light into the darkness for a short time is uplifting. Switch on the coloured lights, hang baubles on the bushes, and drape tinsel over window frames, pictures and mirrors. It doesn’t need to be artful, for me at least. That said, the room I live in sports only cards. Little room for anything else. Thank you to those who mailed a card.

If all the light and colour can reflect back into our own being and we can shine, all the better.

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Being Mortal

Being Mortal – A Bubble in a Stream

This is haiku by somebody who knows what he is doing

after the weight
of a hiker’s boot
the tormentil springs back

This is more like a tanka, which is an older form than haiku,
by somebody who doesn’t know what she is doing!

everywhere and nowhere
here and gone
Oh my aching bones

Thought I’d share anyway.

The merit of this post is offered to a man who took his life yesterday and for his parents. _/\_

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Sounds in Silence

Dew on The Grass, a blog written by members of the Sangha connected to this tradition. Here is a recent post which gives me pause for thought. A Quiet Voice in a Noisy World.

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