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My need for sleep is winning over my intention to keep posting. Sorry to say.


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Autumn In The Air

An evening walk on the beach at Portobello, near Edinburgh.
Earlier, swans…!

Six weeks-on-the-road. Three nights here, two there. A week and then move on, again. I am very fortunate indeed to be able to move around like I have these past weeks, meet so many interesting people, enjoy hospitality and sit and meditate together. It’s time to stop and settle in one place to greet Autumn and then Winter. I welcome the turning of the season.

New post on Field of Merit. Sands of the Ganges.

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Well In Wales – And Scotland

Well Jademountains readers you must have noticed I’m involved with Field of Merit website and project. Hopefully my posting here will not suffer too much.


I have a couple of beach photographs from the trip Rev. Alicia and I took to west Wales lurking in the wings which I’m quite pleased with and thought to share them. They connect with Words of Wisdom, our most recent News post on Field of Merit.


And some recumbent Welsh cows for good measure.
I have been driving all day from Throssel up to Inverness in the Highlands of Scotland. It is a picture up here. The heather is bright purple at the moment. I’ll hold a bunch in my mind for the chap who died here earlier in the week. All merit to his wife and all who know and love him.

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Blame Is Not The Name Of The Game

Sheep over the Eden Valley – summer.

We in Britain, and most likely everywhere in the world, are engaged with this huge event, the Olympic Games. I happened to catch the end of the women’s hockey match where Argentina won, and Britain lost. Directly after the match many of the British women were sobbing openly. Right there on the pitch. They were hugely disappointed and they showed it. Initially I was mildly shocked at witnessing this public outpouring of emotion. I’ve since grown to appreciate what I and millions of others saw. We have seen this showing of emotion at other events too. It’s honest.

Clouds over Shropshire fields – viewed from the Wrekin

How life in general, in the living of it, is punctuated with disappointments! And, unlike the Olympian hopefuls, one often doesn’t know ahead of time what they might be. Perhaps we don’t know how much we feel a certain way about something, or event, until things go a certain way or words are spoken. And then wham, those feelings of disappointment wash over and through body and mind. That’s painful when emotions run high, or low, depending on ones disposition. The only response I know that doesn’t lead to greater disappointments is to…stay with it. To have compassion for oneself, and for others and their actions and words which triggered the upset. Blame is NOT the name of the game.

The photographs take from high up, relatively speaking, are for uplift. For those known and unknown who are in extremity in all the way one can fall into such circumstances.

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When Things Break

A posy for Annette

This is but a brief post to acknowledge the work done by Annette at the web hosting company where Jademountains lives. She toiled away for hours today to fix a problem with the site. Some of you might have noticed that the left hand side of the site had disappeared. Anyway it is heartening for me to know there is a friendly person who I can rely on to patiently get on and deal with problems.

Mean while, down at the station the platform serves as a handy table for lunch. A break from oiling, polishing and generally titivating this fine specimin of a steam engine. All ready to go to work tomorrow.


And it is not every day I get to sit on a bench, on a platform, in the sun, eating lunch and drinking tea. In fine company with a steam engine, gently belching and hissing!


I once asked Mike, pictured, why people get so worked up about steam engines and he said with (kindly) force, It is your heritage my dear! How quickly we forget.

Today I remembered, not only our age of steam heritage but also the late Iain Robinson who died almost a year ago. The railways were his passion.

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