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When Things Break

A posy for Annette

This is but a brief post to acknowledge the work done by Annette at the web hosting company where Jademountains lives. She toiled away for hours today to fix a problem with the site. Some of you might have noticed that the left hand side of the site had disappeared. Anyway it is heartening for me to know there is a friendly person who I can rely on to patiently get on and deal with problems.

Mean while, down at the station the platform serves as a handy table for lunch. A break from oiling, polishing and generally titivating this fine specimin of a steam engine. All ready to go to work tomorrow.


And it is not every day I get to sit on a bench, on a platform, in the sun, eating lunch and drinking tea. In fine company with a steam engine, gently belching and hissing!


I once asked Mike, pictured, why people get so worked up about steam engines and he said with (kindly) force, It is your heritage my dear! How quickly we forget.

Today I remembered, not only our age of steam heritage but also the late Iain Robinson who died almost a year ago. The railways were his passion.

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Compare – Or Contrast

Nine Standards Rigg

in the evening
with blue sky
AND strength.

Ah! The climb
The view
from the top –
on the way down
From the Nine Standards Rigg

Congratulating myself on this evening expedition a woman I know strode up towards me. I HAVE to run down she said not even breathless, So I will pass you. Bye! There is always the opportunity to compare oneself (unfavorably) with somebody else. But it’s not necessary to take up the opportunity!

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Right Before One’s Eyes

That which is manifesting
right before one’s eyes (genjo)
is the absolute reality. (koan)

Genjo Koan is the first chapter of Great Master Dogen’s Shobogenzo. Scholars regard the Genjo Koan as foundational to Dogen’s religious understanding, with the rest of the Shobogenzo being a development of the teaching embedded in Genjo Koan.

Here are the opening four lines of Genjo Koan. But first a reminder from me.
Be still.
Be very still.
And watch your mind as you read.
And then let it go!
I’ll say no more.

When all things are just what they are [apart from discrimination], illusion and enlightenment exist, religious practice exists, birth exists, death exists, Buddhas exist, and ordinary beings exist. When the myriad things are without self, there is no delusion, no enlightenment, no Buddhas, no ordinary beings, no birth, no extinction. Since the Buddha Way from the beginning transcends fullness and deficiency, there is birth and extinction, delusion and enlightenment, beings and Buddhas. However, though this is the way it is, it is only this: flowers scatter in our longings, and weeds spring up in our loathing.

Francis H. Cook, Sounds of Valley Steams

I am no Dogen scholar. A book fell into my hands this morning and opened at Genjo Koan. I read it, I read it again. And then came back to it again this evening. All I can say is, This is profound. And simple.

Better get to bed now. Please don’t lose sleep over this!

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There And Back Again

Where have you been?

There and back again
To see how far it is.

That’s what we would say as kids when asked where we had been. I have been there and back and there and back several times in the past days. All good stuff except for time spent in the rain admiring the wild flowers on the side of the M6 motorway while waiting for the rescue truck! No photos of the flowers however here’s a couple of pictures for you.

Shed art spotted by blog reading companion while out on a walk today.Sad_eyes1.jpg
Champion Beagles at a petrol station. sad eyes.

Beagle pack. Talking to the proud owner as I filled up with petrol I caught the sense of what they are all about. What they are bred for. That’s hunting. What is it about the eyes of those hounds? Their sad eyes drew me in.

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Sitting Flowers – Found Within The Weeds

Buried now the bench in the woods
and beside the path…

Even when the flower of meditation is overtaken by the weeds of busy summer living there is still a place to sit. Though it does become harder and harder to find!

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