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Of Gravity and Light – Poem

Of Gravity and Light

What we need most, we learn from the menial tasks:
the novice raking sand in Buddhist texts,
or sweeping leaves, his hands chilled to the bone,
while understanding hovers out of reach;
the changeling in a folk tale, chopping logs,
poised at the dizzy edge of transformation;

and everything they do is gravity:
swaying above the darkness of the well
to haul the bucket in; guiding the broom;
finding the body’s kinship with the earth
beneath their feet, the lattice of a world
where nothing turns or stands outside the whole;

and when the insight comes, they carry on
with what’s at hand: the gravel path; the fire;
knowing the soul is no more difficult
than water, or the fig tree by the well
that stood for decades, barren and inert,
till every branch was answered in the stars.
John Burnside

Helps to read this several times. Enjoy and thank you to Mark for forward the poem on to me. Mark, if you have a photo which I can add to this post that would be great.

Above The Snowline

Sunday didn’t look promising. Low cloud. Snow on the high fells. Bitterly cold. Undaunted we went forth climbing into the silver mist. We talked we walked.Met adventurers. A young wild camper descending after a night out. A chap carrying his bike because the trail was too steep and too rough to ride. The same path we were walking.

Interestingly this walk was not so testing. No ‘top’ to gaze at. No worries about can I make it or not. There is merit in not seeing where you are going.

But the beautiful silver mist cleared as we walked down and I looked up! Goodness if I had known how far into the sky we would be walking I’d have perhaps decided to turn back.

So. There’s a lesson for life. Not having your goal in sight, aids peace if mind while on the journey. Having a compass and map and somebody aboard who knows how to use them are essential for winter walks on the fells.

Another grand day out.

Top 10 RSPCA rescues in 2016 – They all Lived

We all love those heart warming animal rescue stories. I do anyway? Love the stories of gulls falling into vats of curry in South Wales this summer. Ending up bright orange and in need of a wash! We all would. Lots of stories to smile along with. The oversized Toad stuck in some decking in Norwich and the sheep with her head stuck in a trafic cone. One does wonder…..!

In London at Tate Modern

Down on the edge of the Thames in evening light to visit an exhibition. Georgia O’Keeffe retrospective. Sitting on a step resting my feet saw the neon sign and then the artists write up (bit blurred). Left me pondering.

London is abuzz and it’s been a good couple of days. Notable was a visit to US Embassy for visa interview this morning. Even pleasant.

Back north tomorrow.