Family Album

Found in the family album. Koho Zenji in the center and Rev. Master Jiyu-Kennett in the third row directly behind Koho Zenji. Photo taken at Sojiji. Yogo Roshi is in the photo too we think.

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Suigen Roshi outside Zuiko-ji

Suigan Roshi and his wife taken outside of Zuiko-ji.
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Rev. Yogo (son of Suigan Yogo Roshi) with his son, wife, gardener and Mugo…taken outside of Zuiko-ji.

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Please do not Smoke

One of a series of posters found on Japanese trains and stations. Neat!

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On the second to last day of visiting Dharma relatives and temples associated with my spiritual ancestry we visited the temple where Rev. Master Jiyu-Kennett spend a few years running a temple in the small village of Hagino in Mie-ken. It is just off highway 43, 10 km NW of Tsu.

The village Head Man met our bus at the highway on his bike and escorted us through the rice fields to the temple.
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Practice Within The Order of Buddhist Contemplatives