Reflecting on Awareness in the Valley

There is the constant sound of water from a stream flowing just beside the place I’m staying. Gradually the sound fades into the background of awareness. Yes, aware still, however now the whole sound-scape opens up.

Now so focused on writing this the whole scape has faded even more. Just as would be normal. Now a monk comes and talks about the schedule for the week. Marvelously I remember to deliberately expand my awareness to the wider sphere (including the space behind me) while remaining aware of the audio/visual coming at me. Humans pull on exclusive attention like nothing else. Because?

Thinking now. Because there is a tacit expectation to interact? Even if nonverbal. Anyway, interesting to reflect on awareness. Could be the theme of the week.

One thought on “Reflecting on Awareness in the Valley”

  1. Yes! So easy to be unaware of the ‘space behind’. And I wonder if the tractor driver can listen through the sound of the engine to the birdsong echoing away, away through the trees.
    in gassho

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