Wu Wei – Delicious Immediacy

“Everything that happens, happens at the only possible time it can happen, and it is always at exactly the right time. We cannot get to an appointment before we arrive—or after. It is only at the instant of our arrival that we can arrive, and that is always at exactly the right moment, the perfect moment, the only possible moment.”  

Wu Wei, I Ching Wisdom: More Guidance from the Book of Answers, Volume Two

Rev. Master Jiyu would talk about ‘reflexive action’. That is action in the moment, Wu Wei. As I understand reflexive action, and Wu Wei. That’s meeting the moment, exercising personal agency for sure; no passivity here. However there is a delicious immediacy, tone and echo coming together, as when the bell is struck with a mallet. Is this the dance of living?

Unknowingly this non-action/non-doing is occurring constantly. And it is best we don’t know!

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4 thoughts on “Wu Wei – Delicious Immediacy”

  1. Thank you RM Mugo. Of late, I’ve found it edifying to look at “here” in relation to “now” and it seems that here is actionable, whereas now, was/is recognized.

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