Singing in Empty space

It is said
‘hold the space’.
Space without
Yes & No.

Empty and full
Yes & No.

Distinctions dissolve
and yet.
The greatest
gift we offer?
Yes & No.

Unknowingly our conscious attention to nothing specific in the widest possible sphere, the sphere without boundaries, is the greatest gift. Born of patience, compassion, non-judgmentalism, holding back on opinions, allowing and above all, listening. With all the fibres of our being. Sounds good don’t it?

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10 thoughts on “Singing in Empty space”

    1. Good to hear from you, Julie. Good to know you are still reading here and that the post touched you. The bird, or possibly birds, certainly caught my attention. As did the blue sky…. Now horizontal snow.

  1. Beautiful, so true and a fruit of practice. Sometimes more transient than other times. And that’s ok.

    Thank you Rev. Mugo.

    1. Thanks, Brian so true. I just said to a fellow monk that if we were all caught up in ‘infinite space’ we would ruin more saucepans than we do already! Mostly one is caught up with the minutiae.

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