1 The Journey to The Monastery + Reading the Precepts

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We say all things teach – earth, trees, wooden posts, as well as wise teachers. The sound of a gong, the wind in the trees? Only when we are prepared to hear teaching coming from all directions and within everyday living are we likely to break through the unremitting sound of our own voices. To hear and follow the subtle inner ‘calling’, those inner promptings which have us start on the journey to practice and to open our ears, and hearts, to the Truth.

The sights and sounds, hearing and seeing without grasping, are the underlying teachings of the Jukai ceremonies – and Zazen. By ‘opening the ear of our heart’ we will hear and fullness of silence, the Unborn, Undying, Unconditioned – Uncreated. We just have to get out of our own way, basically.

Note: I make a distinction between hearing and listening to point out the receptive quality of our senses, the non-grasping non-cleaving to the objects of our senses.

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