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Photographs taken by Rev. Mugo.

Refuge in Foliage

Look at this little beauty, the first of the Nasturtium crop hanging on the railing outside the door to where I live. Passing these plants many times a day they cause me to smile. I think of this flower as a smiling face smiling back, with many more to come. What a pleasure to have a little ‘garden’. That said I’ve quite a few house plants scattered around the monastery which I’m responsible for. They are like close friends I visit and pause for a moment to ‘commune’ with. And in this warm weather, give them a spray of water to keep ’em going.

Many people, I know, have been taking refuge in foliage; be it indoors, in the garden, an allotment or just in the ‘great outdoors’.

Ah! Nature.
smell, name,
touch, care for,

Food-note: And yes, we do eat our foliage! I may, or may not have designs on those smiling faces! Such thoughts bring me into an inner ‘place’ not easy to articulate. Humility comes close.

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The Main Altar at Umpukuji

The statue on the altar is a Kanzeon.

Main Altar.

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