Being Alive

Here are some images taken while I have been away on renewal/rest/ retreat. Too bad I couldn’t catch a photograph of the Kingfisher or the Red kite I saw. Or the Otter!

The pony with upper lip hair was a first for me. The balloon found in a field a sad reminder of what gets sent up into the air in celebration and then lands as litter.

Monty the Tortoise featured in last year’s renewal time and here he is again. He loves his salad.

Picking up litter recreationally? It takes all sorts to make up this big wild world and thank goodness for that. Enjoy with me the scone, jam, cream and fresh strawberries I ordered to celebrate – being alive.

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The Great Bustard

Be prepared to be ‘amused’.

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Where and What?

Impressive close up, impressive at a distance. Had a grand day out today.

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Merit Post – Remembrance Post

Remembrance – Rev. Myfanwy a blog post on the Throssel blog. There are links to two posts from last year where her friends and family and sangha members posted their memories of their encounters with the Reverend. I find it rather touching to read those comments again now.

And while we are remembering, have a thought for all those caught up in the devastating temperatures along the West side of North America. In particular the village of Lytton which was almost totally destroyed by fire.

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Walk Your Talk

This quote has been sitting in the draft section waiting to be published. Yes, indeed we do walk our talk, best we can. To not walk our talk and believe we are. Is delusion.

Surrender the need for the world to be ordered according to a conception of justice, logic, rational motives, and the ‘truth’.
Develop the stamina to live in accordance with one’s highest aspiration. To walk your talk.

Author unknown.

Just sayin’, nothing more than that. A reminder, not an accusation.

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Practice Within The Order of Buddhist Contemplatives