Cleaning Cloths

At last a sunset! We come out of meditation at around 9.00 pm and the sun is getting ready to go behind the hill about then. These pictures were taken a few days ago. One from behind the buildings where I live and the other of the inside of our first floor library.

Observing the setting sun through the library windows I could not help but notice they needed cleaning. And as it happens we have some of those amazing micro fibre cleaning cloths, which do a great job on windows, as well as:

…..mirror cleaning, glass cleaning, dishes, cleaning glasses, cooking pots, kitchen stove, hot plate, microwave, oven, grill oven, kitchen sink, bathtub, shower, washbasin, kitchen cabinets, furniture, computer screens, tv’s, stereos, bikes, musical instruments, marble slabs, floor coverings, tiles, cleaning chrome and high gloss surfaces, cleaning lenses, jewellery, paintings, picture frames, and much more.