Being willing, to be willing, to let go.

This week, as I come towards fulfilling Rev. Saido’s instructions, laid out in his Will, the following came to mind.

Being willing
to be willing
to let go.

Is about as good
as it can get

Do we know
we have actually
let go?

Closed hands
opened hands
our daily experience.

There will be a Memorial for Rev. Saido on June 3rd at Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey at 11.00. Contact the Guest Department to book in.

In memory of Todd and many others dear to me.

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3 thoughts on “Being willing, to be willing, to let go.”

  1. The realisation of letting go, of having let go, and that it is possible to let go brings such relief, and the door to release, freedom and joy opens wider each time.
    Thank you Rev. Mugo for helping me see and experience this

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