Carrying His House on His Back

Walking houseThis story with photographs has been all over the internet these past days. The chap is probably back home now after having spent five years on the road walking back to his village. There is something appealing about this chap – perhaps perseverance coupled with a certain kind of humour.
Thanks to my monastic walking companion for pointing me to this story.

Private Moments

Wild Orchids
Wild Orchids

Growing up in Sussex it was rare to see a Cowslip and I can’t ever remember seeing Wild Orchids. Picking them was completely out of the question, that might be the case still. Now the roads are lined with Cowslips and Wild Orchids, though shy, are around where I am at the moment.

Wild flowers tend to be demure items in the countryside scene. Fungus and mosses and wild flowers were the gem finds of my early years. I’d stop and gaze at them, and still do. However hard gardeners try to make their displays look natural, nature wins hands down. Ah lovely. I’m now wondering why I’m waxing on about the natural world!

I think it is about the delight of those intimate private moment while out in the fields and lanes. That silent ongoing conversation which isn’t always about words. When I was crouched down to take this photograph of the Cowslip a couple walked past on the path. I remembering feeling slightly embarrassed and muttered something to explain myself. It felt a bit like being discovered whispering appreciation of a toadstool or talking to a bird in a bush! So it is that there are moments in life which are….? Well I just don’t have the word to hand. I think such moments are close kin to just sitting. Just a thought.

Getting Into the Habit

I can think of no better place to point you than this article The Pace of Productivity and How to Master Your Creative Routine in Brain Pickings.
Aristotle quote
Need I say that getting into the habit of sitting in meditation regularly is the foundation upon which all else sits. Well, I said it.


I’m transfixed by this chaps photographs. Can’t say more than that as it is just too late to write more. Look out for the series Mistakes by the Lakes of childrens bus shelters.


A smile on their faces
A smile on their faces

It’s not a matter of Knowledge,
It’s not a matter of Perception,
It’s not a matter of Understanding;

It’s a matter of Reception.

From a good Sangha Friend.

Ah good! And thank you.