A Tragic Death

We have just heard news of the tragic death of Choje Akong Rinpoche who was killed in China along with two others. Akong Rimpoche was the founder and abbot of Samye Ling Tibetan Buddhist monastery in Scotland.

Merit to the Rimpoche, his family and followers.

The Blank Page


This blank page
gazes at me
and I gaze back.

Jade’s archives
are full
take a look.

Many words
written once
now – nothing.

Perhaps it’s
to stop.

at least.

Leaves for Fun

Leaves on the lane.
Leaves on the lane.
I drove to Newcastle Airport this morning – the leaves are scattering in the wind. On the road the leaves are jewel like. However those who have leaves all over their lawns, drive and pavement are seeing them less as jewels and more as work. I’ve raked up leaves into piles and then bagging them. In Eugene Oregon and in Edmonton Canada.

A reader sent me this link to this video of a dog, a Husky, enjoying a pile of leaves. Love seeing animals just playing for the joy of it. Sometimes I felt like I was playing when raking up leaves….all a matter of attitude I guess.