Pausing by the River South Tyne – greetings video

I reference a country hotel called Lovelady Shield Hotel where the little group of walkers I was with would have tea. As it turned out we went instead to The Nook Cafe, close to several long distance paths, one being Isaac’s Tea Trail. Many thanks to the group and for being treated to the much appreciated tea, cheese scone and butter.

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3 thoughts on “Pausing by the River South Tyne – greetings video”

  1. Thanks Rev. Mugo for this and all other posts. Happy to consider myself a loyal reader! Nice to be reminded of Issac’ Tea Trail…part of which you may recall I walked this time last year on the way to Throssel. In gassho, Tim

  2. I don’t qualify as a loyal reader, but I do like to check in now and then to hear from you and appreciate your presence, Rev Mugo.

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