Go Canada, Go!

Just love Canada, all Canadians, all who live, and love here. I’m ready to fly back to England from Vancouver, waiting and watching clouds form and disolve around distant mountains. Snow aplenty out up there. I imagine myself winter hill-walking. That will have to wait…

It has been an eventful five weeks starting with viewing the recently passed on Rev. Master Meiten, then a lot of meetings greetings and eatings with her huge and loyal congrehation. That doesn’t come close to describing how it has been. How it WAS staying in Victoria, Vancouver Island surrounded by water and fringed with high mountains.

Uncountable thanks and Bows of gratitude to all who made my stay go so well. Not all plain sailing by any means, I’d not want you to think I travel in a different world to others, far from it.
Talking of sailing I heard Victoria had record-breaking rain fall in January! I can verify that.

Anyhow my love to all who read this. The slogan Go Canada Go I saw written on the side of an Air Canada plane. That kind of sums it up. Humour, a let’s get going attitude, with food! Oh Canada, miss you already.