Sandokai – Study References

By an amazing coincidence, I found this old post from January 2009 pointing towards teaching on the Sandokai, the very scripture we were looking at during the New Year retreat this year.

This is a talk on the Sandokai, a profound religious poem by Sekito Kisen one of the great masters of the Soto Zen Tradition. The talk was given by Rev. Master Saido in the meditation Hall at Telford Buddhist Priory for people familiar with the text, which is recited regularly.

Mugo talking January 31st 2009: Our Winter Monastic Sangha Retreat ended to-day. It has been an opportunity for much reading, study and meditation. I hope you have an opportunity to study the Sandokai and that the links (all the links were broken that were in the original post, unfortunately. You can find all the scriptures in text and in audio on the Shasta Abbey site)in this post help. More than that I encourage the practice of formal meditation.