Abhayamudra – Fearlessness and Resolve

Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey statue, made by one of the monks, showing the Abhayamudra. The left hand is in the meditation mudra. Notice the open palms…

I’ve been thinking about resistance and resolve and how they can and do come together in action. Contemplating how these two qualities/attitudes come together and manifest for good or ill. The key to the outcome of actions taken, with resistance and resolve, is the intent of the person(s) so manifesting.

Which has brought me to the mudra Abhayamudra.

The Abhaya mudra is a gesture of fearlessness and protection (also a blessing gesture). The right hand is positioned at chest level, with the elbow bent. The palm is open and facing outwards with fingers and thumb directed upwards.  In images of the Buddha, the left hand is in the meditation (dhyana) mudra. When depicted standing the left arm depends from the shoulder with the palm open and the fingers pointing towards the earth. This is but one variation, there are others.

This mudra is not just for statues by the way. I’ll fill in some details another time…

On a personal note: I am strong enough in myself to tackle my food intake! That takes resistance and resolve! And thank you to all those who have been concerned about my health, my arm and shoulder specifically and for those who have given support with dana too. Getting better and I know it will be months before things ‘settle down’. In the meantime I am getting on with my days, best I can. Merit to all those who suffer chronic or acute pain and discomfort.