Being on an introductory retreat

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This article is from a British in-house (Sainsburys) magazine. A hat tip to the monk who passed this article onto a layman, who posted it on Facebook. Isn’t it wonderful that interesting articles such as this one can be passed around the world for others to read and appreciate. And so very quickly too. Yes, hat tips all round.

And OF COURSE a hat tip to Fiona Gibson who wrote about her experience of being on retreat at Thossel Hole Buddhist Abbey.

Added after publication: Oh red faced am I! Turns out the Sainsburys Magazine is a pay-for one and the above is a copy from the magazine. I hope my linking to this site will bring in subscribers and also viewers to their recipe packed website. Yes, hat tips all round. All the same I acknowledge that I’ve not followed ‘best practice’ in publishing this article.

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3 thoughts on “Being on an introductory retreat”

  1. Wonderful article! I wish we had a place closer to home here to go to. I could use a good, long retreat myself right now!

    1. Yes the article gave a flavour of how it is to go on retreat for the first time. And yes I can see how it would be good to have a place to retreat to closer to home. However most any place is a long why from where you live!

  2. This brings back memories….I did my first retreat at Shasta Abbey twenty years ago (time flies!). The second night there I had a dream that I had stepped off a cliff and was running in the air like a cartoon character. But then I remembered a bit of musical scripture from one of the ceremonies (didn’t know really which one or its significance ) and I relaxed in my dream and was suddenly flying and it was all good!

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