Calling For Help – Remembering And Forgetting

The Trebus Project aims to capture the memories and insights of people with dementia before their words are lost to history.

Our archive of over 200 carefully assembled stories includes everything from an eyewitness account of the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia to a unique hangover cure. Many of the storytellers talk openly or in metaphor about their dementia and the problems it has caused. Although the archive is of great importance to academics and researchers, it is also hugely entertaining. Despite the stories being told in trying circumstances, they are often full of life and extremely funny.

This is John’s Story….

I think the trouble is that I’ve been made to sit in this chair day after day. I’m made to sit in it so much with nothing to occupy my mind that I drop off to sleep… I drift in and out of consciousness. It’s like torture. I think for some reason that this chair is conducive to the inputting of hallucinations. The noise is present in all of my environments for the last two years so I’m quite accustomed to noise that would disturb other people… shouting and cries and so on… but what I don’t like is that the call bell itself is so unreliable… I can ring the bell for hours and nobody comes… I’m not sure it works. I’m sure they would come if they heard it… wouldn’t they? Maybe they don’t know that I’m still here… we should give them the benefit of the doubt… they might think that I’m already dead.John’s Story.

Can you imagine?
when you call for help
if they think you
are dead!

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