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Blogger Appreciation Day

Walter of Evolving Space is back in Singapore and writing again. Sometimes it’s good to take a break and come back refreshed helping to make the world a better place. Mensch is the word, Walter is a mensch in the scientific community. Blush all you like I believe it is true. That’s enough for Blogger Appreciation Day. Here’s a picture taken last week at the British Library in London.


See Guy Kawasaki’s blog for more on Mensch qualities.

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This and That

Stillpointmeditation has a section on Illness & Meditation: Too ill to meditate? Meditation as an aid to healing. Problems when meditating with ME/CFS and some solutions, including some specific treatments that may make meditation easier. Relaxation advice for when meditation is too hard. Thanks to Rachael for this link.

Redeemer Reborn: A book by a one time monk in our Order writes about the connection between Wagners Ring cycle and Buddhism. Paul Schofield will expand on his book and talk about how Wagner utilized the Grail legends.

I’ve read the Buddhist bits which were checked by the late Head of the Order, Rev. Master Daizui. The book would be interesting to those who are into Wagner.

DharmaNet has been revived and revised. We’re on the way to becoming a seminal educational and informational resource that is ecumenical and all-encompassing, one that addresses the needs of newcomers and experienced practitioners, one that speaks to non-Buddhists, lower-case b buddhists and practicing Buddhists of all ages.

I’m inspired to make steps to give ‘Mountains’ a makeover with much help from friends, who know what they are doing.

Last but by no means least why not go to Radio Cornwall and listen to Andrew Taylor-Browne reflect on the subject of ‘Helping Others’ from a Buddhist perspective. He practices within the Serene Reflection Tradition by the way.

All is OK with me just in case any regular readers are wondering how things are going since I cut back posting regularly. At this moment I’m working my way out of the monastery to go on a five day trip south. Perhaps there will be some photo opportunities.

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