Exercising Faith – The Bodhisattvas’ Path (Dharma Talk)

This was first published October 2017. Will Pegg died in September.

Today at Shasta Abbey, Northern California, we celebrated the Festival of Bhaisajya-guru Tathagata, the Healing Buddha. I was honoured to be asked to give the Dharma Talk after the ceremony. The title is:  Exercising Faith – The Bodhisattvas’ Path.

Towards the end I mention three people by name: Michael Stone (who died mid July), Will Pegg and Rev. Master Meiten all from (or near) Vancouver Island  British Columbia Canada. I dedicated the merit of the talk to them, and although I didn’t say it at the time, the merit extends to all those who have supported them, learnt from them and continue to be inspired by them. All three clearly exercise faith and walk the Bodhisattva Path. The world is full of people, Bodhisattvas’, who each in their own way inspire others to live a life of faith and generosity.

That is enough for tonight.

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6 thoughts on “Exercising Faith – The Bodhisattvas’ Path (Dharma Talk)”

    1. Oh good Eric, glad you had a listen and that the sun is coming out. Not much of that I understand this summer. I introduce the talks I do here at Shasta by explaining where I am etc. to take into account that there will be people, like you, who are listening in far flung places.

  1. I got a chance to listen to your dharma talk today and really enjoyed it! Appreciated your insightful comparison of acceptance “looking up” vs resignation “looking down”. Good reminder to practice faithful acceptance moment by moment.
    Thanks so much for making your talks available on your blog!

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