Four Noble Truths – a Way to Practice – Video

An overview of the Four Noble Truths from the point of view of a Soto Zen Buddhist practitioner, Saido Kennaway, at Telford Buddhist Priory.
Buddhist teachings show you a way of practice, to become liberated from greed hate and delusion and in this very moment realise, Bright Buddha Nature. In other words Practice-Enlightenment.

Four Noble Truths, a Way to Practice.

I’ve listened to Rev. Saido give this presentation ‘live’ a number of times and always end up inspired. Now I see he has recorded a video and available for all. Go to the Telford Buddhist Priory website and click on the ‘Talks’ link for a couple of short teaching videos answering the questions, Buddhism goes on about suffering. Don’t you find it pessimistic and depressing? Are you Enlightened? How would you know if you were or weren’t? Both recorded by the Clearvision Trust.

Thank you so much Reverend. Much appreciated.

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5 thoughts on “Four Noble Truths – a Way to Practice – Video”

  1. Thanks for this – always good to hear different interpretations. Also for the other links – I have nowhere close and depend a lot on the recorded talks from Shasta, Throssel, and other sources.

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