Grasping the Wheel – Life Changing

1gate in the wall
The following is part of an email responding to somebody talking about a decision he had made and how he had come to see a level to making decisions that goes deeper than the nuts and bolts level. A spiritual level.

There is a power, or it is empowering, on all levels to make a decision…. What’s behind making decisions is hard to put into words isn’t it. There’s a complexity. There is the decision that ‘comes to you’ which is invariably coupled with practical considerations. Then there is the decision which is predominately about grasping the wheel of ones life and in the process somewhat disregarding practical implications too. I think decisions are a mixture of both. Sometimes there is more of one than the other in the mix but really the thing is to make a move if that’s what’s running through ones blood. No argument about that.

Good fortune good friend.

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