Human Relationship – Spiritual Longing

Dave of Holding No Bough blog is a regular reader and leaver of comments. Why not link over to a couple of his recent post. First read Flight and then Watching. Below is a quote from Flight.

When I hear the lark ascend in Vaughan Williams’ The lark ascending I feel a just out of reachness, like the lark can’t quite get there, like we (or should I say I) can’t quite get there. Where ever there is. Does the music point to that feeling of wanting to go home in the spiritual sense? Am I just confusing this with some existential feeling of being out of kilter? And in (an adult’s) crying this same out of reachness, like the tears try to fill the gap. Such crying could be over any loss and not closely connected to spiritual home sickness. Yet there is I suppose, at the root of all pain, a gap between where we feel we want or need to be and where the universe appears to have placed us. A gap born of our illusion of separation, our incarnation in the physical body in the material world.

Dave and I correspond, and talk when he is here. Sometimes I get difficult but tonight I just wanted to say thanks. Tomorrow I might get difficult! My message for Dave? This, right here and now, is the Garden of the Bodhisattvas. There is not a gap, there are no gaps, open the gate and walk in. The key is acceptance. Deep commitment (could we be approaching vow again) to the (so called) path that leads there will have you at the gate in no time.

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4 thoughts on “Human Relationship – Spiritual Longing”

  1. There is waking up, there is getting out of bed and then, all important, getting on with ones day – allowing the _ideas_ of separation and non separation to fade away. There is also the universal ‘day dreaming’. Yep, and awakening from the dream doesn’t happen once either.

    I think of the idea of conscious, of being conscious. When one is awake, in the every day sense of not being asleep, there or levels and levels of how conscious one is. I define conscious as being aware of what one is doing and thinking etc _at the same time_ as doing and thinking.

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  2. the ‘ideas of seperation’ and ‘levels of consciousness’ are part of the dream too. In fact awakening too, for its not seperate from the dream called life.

  3. Yes, oddly what comes to mind right now is the monks alms bowl. Here it is, seen from above. Looks like this

    The bowl catchs everything equally, and offers equally.

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