More Thoughts on Confidence – Video

Here is a talk given by Rev. Roland on the subject of Confidence. It would seem we both ‘end up’ in the same place, more or less, in terms of our thinking on confidence. Here’s what I had to say in a recent post titled Self Confidence.

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3 thoughts on “More Thoughts on Confidence – Video”

  1. Not long woke up and came through to the sitting room and saw this on my phone. Just wonderful to hear the dharma first thing. Thank you Reverend Roland. Also nice to see a monk and to see Throssel again. I miss it and all of you and think of you often and hope everyone is well. Thank you Reverend Mugo for bringing me back to your original article again. Got even more from it second time. And thanks for bringing talks like this to our attention. And for keeping us connected to Throssel and to the dharma. With a bow
    Myra xx

    1. and thank YOU Myra for the sight of you, and others, leaving comments. I was just upstairs in the Hall of Pure Offerings and as I went from room to room sadness slowly grew in me. The rooms are lonely without ‘you all’ coming and breathing your lives into them. That’s all I can say really. And in a subtle way, and sometimes not so subtle way, ‘you all’ are here – still.

      I will pass on your thank you to Rev. Roland. Glad a second visit to my post on Confidence was worthwhile. I’m gearing myself up to write about motivation, and the seeming lack of it these days.

  2. Buddha Mind is surely One! So appropriate is this for me I suspect a conspiracy, except that Buddha Mind knows better.
    Thankyou Rev Mugo and Rev Roland. Such, is the true friend of the Sangha.
    So raw are my feelings of fear and doubt in the midst of this moving back to UK. So rough, like being tossed on a monstrous wave and yet my body is in no real danger. I am not afloat on a small boat in the Mediteranean sea running for my very life. I am well safe. The words about going forward, of engging right effort, of the illusion of seeking and hoping to live a life without pain and suffering are most helpful.
    In Gassho

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