My Precepts – Zen Master Ryokan

Take care not to:
talk too much
talk too fast
talk without being asked to
talk gratuitously
talk with your hands
talk about worldly affairs
talk back rudely
smile condescendingly at others’ words
use elegant expressions
avoid speaking directly
speak with a knowing air
jump from topic to topic
use fancy words
speak of past events that cannot be changed
speak like a pedant
avoid direct questions
speak ill of others
speak grandly of enlightenment
carry on while drunk
speak in an obnoxious manner
yell at children
make up fantastic stories
speak while angry
ignore the people to whom you are speaking
speak sanctimoniously of Gods and Buddhas
use sugary speech
use flattering speech
speak of things of which you have no knowledge
monopolize the conversation
talk about others behind their backs
speak with conceit
bad-mouth others
chant prayers ostentatiously
complain about the amount of alms
give long-winded sermons
speak affectedly like an artist
speak affectedly like a tea master

Dewdrops on a Lotus Leaf, Zen Master Ryokan

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4 thoughts on “My Precepts – Zen Master Ryokan”

  1. The old garage in the paddock, a shed if ever there was one!

    This posting marks the end of this series of photographs with text from the poem My Precepts by Zen Master Ryokan.

    Many thanks for all of the comments left while we have been sequestered here in the monastery. By tomorrow the majority of the guests will have left and life will be getting back to normal. And postings will, hopefully, be returning to.

    A special thanks to Iain in Japan for helping out during the last week by keeping the photos and text uploaded.

  2. A fine shed indeed, with no doubt a knack to opening the door. And a home to many spiders!
    Back in the UK for a brief visit and enjoying the cool air and clear blue sky.

  3. A nice series with fascinating photos of little corners of THBA. The words of Ryokan were gently prodding. There’s always something to work on….

  4. Thanks to Walter and glad you are able to enjoy England in her glory and not suffer her bad moods, which we have had over much of late.

    And thanks to Norman too. Glad you liked the photos, they kind of worked with the text and gave people an idea of what we look like too.

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