On The First Day of the Somme

Battle of the Somme. 19,240 killed in one day.
Battle of the Somme. 19,240 killed in one day.

This is an art installation in an Exeter park. Each figure is different, there are 19,240 of them representing a man killed on the first day of the battle. Unbelievably moving. A


Thanks to long time reader, Sangha Friend and all together wise person for sending in this photograph. Often one sees these mass memorials, fields full of white crosses and the like. This installation is obviously different and I can understand how moving it was/is to behold. It brings home that these men where individuals. All different. All with unique (just like us) histories and attributes. Unbelievable suffering. Let us remember them.

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3 thoughts on “On The First Day of the Somme”

  1. Dear Rev. Master Mugo,
    The art work you show is a very beautiful and graphic argument against killing anything. Rev. Master Meian was thinking of the recent deaths of 169 people in Bagdad recently and offered merit of morning service for them. Mass killing are becoming common place and we’re becoming deadened to their horror. We need this kind of exhibit to make it graphic. Thank you for the photo and the compassion behind it.

    1. What I didn’t realize is that each ‘person’ was wrapped in a shroud. Further making the point. Thank you Reverend for leaving this comment. I know what you are saying. Massing killings are coming into the news almost daily. Merit and compassion is never more needed in the world.

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