Postcard From Norfolk – Looking All Ways

Looking East from Blakeney, North Norfolk
Looking West…

I am touched
That Andi wrote
Saying he is still

I’ve been walking
Thinking on
Jade developments.

It’s been good
To have the space
For creativity to
Grow wings.

Thank you for sticking with Jade, ‘n me.

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6 thoughts on “Postcard From Norfolk – Looking All Ways”

  1. ….and now it will fly.

    I like the poems. Perhaps I should revive “Thole Man” sometime.

    Hope you had a good break.



  2. It’s funny – I’ve bookmarked lots of blogs that I like to visit and each time I hover over the links to visit the site, I have a different feeling depending on the site. When I hover over Jade, ready to click, I feel kind of light, calm, and positive.

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