Stillness in Activity – Activity in Stillness

Stillness and movement.
I’ve been leading an online retreat which finished on Saturday. There was much talk about seeing and hearing both internally ‘seeing’ and externally seeing. Here is a riff on that teaching sent in by Treasa C. from Leeds. Thank you.

heart ears

heart eyes

entire heart

The talks from the retreat will be posted one at a time from tomorrow with links and comments about the subject matter of the day as well. The first two are guided meditations. All talks were given while people were sitting formal Zazen.

Thanks to Mark for yet another telling image.

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4 thoughts on “Stillness in Activity – Activity in Stillness”

  1. Thanks so much Rev Mugo. Wondered if it would be appropriate to listen to the guided meditation at our group, during zazen?

    1. It is your judgment call Allie – you will realize that the focus is on bringing mindbody together and I don’t say more than the standard, don’t hang on and don’t push away ANYTHING. The other talks might ring bells too….

      Thanks for asking.

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