To The North a Thousand Buddhas

Not the Northern Lights!
Not the Northern Lights!
I received an email from Michael with this poem. Like the poem published yesterday it speaks to the heart. Written from the heart.
Happy New Year everybody.

Such a lovely black and cold night here. The sky was dancing with northern lights. Here are a few words inspired by Rev. Master Meian’s recent Dharma Talk, These Thousand Buddhas
Stretch Out Their Hands To Us

I follow my headlights through the blackness.
To the north a thousand Buddhas
gaze at me with eyes like stars,
sparkling kindness.
They wear robes the colour of jade
and float weightless over the void.
They are forever.
Now I see them.
Yesterday I didn’t.
Tomorrow does not matter.

Michael Burrows, Alberta Canada.

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One thought on “To The North a Thousand Buddhas”

  1. Interesting about the thousand Buddhas to the north… Indeed there are a thousand (cement) buddhas to the north of those of us who live in southern Oregon/northern California. There is a Garden of 1,000 Buddhas in Arlee, Montana. It was developed by Tibetan Buddhists on the Flathead Indian Reservation. The web address is Worth a visit one of these days when I feel like putting gas in the car and going for a long drive. Meanwhile, visiting via the internet will do.

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