Wild Geese in the Clean Blue Air

Spiritual merit wings through clean blue air; far and wide, to Will in Victoria Canada, to all those who wonder if they will see another day dawn. And continue to rise from their chair, their bed and take a step. As well as for those who can’t.

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Imagine Sisyphus Happy? – animation video

‘So’ – Like a Noxious Weed

So, another day draws to a close full of activity, notably celebrating my cousins 80th birthday with him and his family. And, since I’ve been staying close by, I once again have had the opportunity to view the art installation at Crosby beach near Liverpool titled Another Place. But that’s not my main thought tonight. My thought is about language, and my use of it. In particular the use of ‘So’ at the start of a sentence. I have also noticed a growing habit of mine of starting sentences with ‘and’ which everybody knows is simply not on. But I’m apparently wrong. Starting a sentence with but? Not on either.

Anyway back to the use of ‘so’ . Consider this from John Humphrys, our very own presenter for the ‘Today’ program on BBC Radio 4.

He blamed the rise of ‘so’ on bumbling academics who use it ‘perhaps to buy a bit of time when they’re not quite sure how to answer the question’. However, he lamented that: ‘Now the misplaced “so” has invaded everyday speech like some noxious weed in an untended garden’.

At the very least paying attention to what comes out of ones mouth, considering what is broadcast, refraining from words better not spoken, is a good practice.

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Good Evening

The birds are singing into the fading evening. Overnight the trees are bursting into leaf. Could it be spring?

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Practice Within The Order of Buddhist Contemplatives