Greater Integration of Intention and Action – Book Review

The Hidden Brain is an altogether spectacular read, the kind that gives the best possible hope for changing our minds in the most necessary direction there is – toward more fairness, greater self-awareness, and a vital integration of our intentions and our actions.

The Hidden Brain: How Ocean Currents Explain Our Unconscious Social Biases from Brain Pickings.

The review of The Hidden Brain on Brain Pickings makes for disturbing reading especially since at first glance, a superficial glance at the cartoon style drawings, you might dismiss the whole review. I advise reading on. Fascinating and informative to say the least.

Wild Animal Rescue – Fish & Chip Babies

There is the Kangaroo Sanctuary near Alica Springs and the Penguin Foundation Phillip Island, East of Melbourne. And around the world similar endeavours are finding creative ways to draw attention to their need for funds. I particularly like the Knit for Nature program providing the tiny Penguins of Phillip Island with much needed sweaters as part of their rehabilitation programme. Ahh, cute! And this evening we watched the first in a BBC2 series of Kangaroo Dundee featuring a lone man in the Australian outback who has dedicated himself to rescuing orphaned Joeys from the pouches of road killed mother Kangaroos. Imagine!

Then in Africa there are the so called ‘fish and chip’ babies. So called because newborns are going home from hospital wrapped in newspaper because the mothers don’t have resources for even a blanket or clothes either. Knit For Africa, blankets for the babies. I heard recently about some bodies 70 + dad knitting up a storm for these babies.

A British TV series about a man who rescues baby Kangaroos, an all out call to knitters around the world. What’s underneath this heart string pulling? Something good I’d hope. Compassion in action or rather the raising of that aspect in all of us? To nurture and care and act and above all to give of ourselves. Media can bring distant needs close however sometimes it is the need close to home that is harder to spot. Because it is close to home. Just a thought.

Good-Time, Hard-Time Cat

Nigel and ginger cat
This ginger is Spain’s ‘every cat’, every stray cat that is. They all need a special tender touch considering how many of them live on the edge. Many have taken to climbing into car engines to warm up and this happened to a couple I know while holidaying in Spain recently. They had driven for more than an hour up a mountain road unknowingly giving a cat the ride of it’s life! Thankfully it didn’t die but one can imagine it might have done on a longer journey. So, be warned, and check under the car bonnet for cats before driving off, when in Spain. That’s probably the last thing one might think of doing!

And closer to home, in London, around ten hand picked stray cats are having the time of their life! Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium, England’s first ‘cat cafe’ opened at the start of the month. A cafe for those who enjoy tea ‘n cakes – and playing with cats. Sounds like the whole venture is geared around the welfare of the felines, thankfully.

I’m left thinking this evening about these few good-time cats in London and the untold numbers of strays needing homes all around the world. If the the existence of The Cat Emporium (and similar ventures in the future) highlights the need for cat rescue then it will have done a great service.

Buddha’s Halo Origami Style

Origami Halo

Origami Halo

This piece of origami came in the post today. The Buddha is sometimes depicted with a multi-coloured halo, rainbow halo. And since the last couple of posts are talking about light and luminosity emitting from the Buddha this piece of origami just had go behind the Buddha on the altar. For now at least.

Earliest Evidence of a Buddhist Shrine at Lumbini

Well this is all interesting news… of monks sitting in the midst of the dig are moving.

“This is the earliest evidence of a Buddhist shrine anywhere in the world.

“It sheds light on a very long debate, which has led to differences in teachings and traditions of Buddhism.

“The narrative of Lumbini’s establishment as a pilgrimage site under Ashokan patronage must be modified since it is clear that the site had already undergone embellishment for centuries.”

The dig also detected signs of ancient tree roots in the wooden building’s central void – suggesting it was a tree shrine.

Tradition records that Queen Maya Devi gave birth to the Buddha while grasping the branch of a tree within the Lumbini Garden.

From BBC Website ‘Earliest shrine’ uncovered at Buddha’s birthplace.