The Benefits of Breathing – Re post

Have you ever paused to notice?
if your mouth is closed
when you breathe in
and when you breathe out?

Have you ever considered?
if your mouth is OPEN
while you walk in silence
and have you wondered why?

Have you ever paid attention?
to the soft touch of top on bottom lip
and noticed the wonder of it
in your toes?

Have you ever paused to ponder?
if mouth open or closed
while breathing through your day

A friend pointed out the merits of nose breathing, whenever possible, as against mouth breathing.

Why wander the world panting? Surely life is not one long emergency.
Is it?

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5 thoughts on “The Benefits of Breathing – Re post”

  1. This post is very timely, for me. I have been precenting Morning Service, via Zoom, every other week, for the Telford Congregation (someone else does it on the weeks that I don’t). It’s an interesting experience singing on your own, knowing that others are listening and it’s a challenge to get the breathing right. I have become much more aware of my breath and how I breathe, through doing this. I can see the nerves and other emotions and how they affect the breathing and conversely, how the breathing affects the emotions and my ability to function. I decided to get some online singing lessons, not to try to be ‘perfect’ but so I could understand breathing and singing better. I had my first lesson, yesterday and the teacher spent most of the time getting me to stand properly, become aware of all of the tiny muscles in my head and jaw. Our exercises, pretty much covered all of the awareness of breathing that you have written in your piece, including the bodily sensations that arise from humming, as opposed to blowing – closed mouth v open mouth. It was fascinating and very helpful. She also talked about how the precentor needs to modify their voice to support the singing of others – to be aware of who is in the congregation and how to sing so that you support their voices. How like training this is, I thought. We become aware of ourselves and in so doing, we become harmonious with those around us. I was going to write a piece about it for Dew on the Grass – I think I have almost done that in my comment here! Thank you for your post, Rev. Mugo – so helpful _/\_

    1. Thanks so much for this Karen. The singing lessons sounds great too. I’ve just been looking up Prone Breathing which is highly recommended for those, COVID-19 or not, who need to get maximum amount of air into their lungs. From my experience lying prone anyway has huge benefits. Especially calming emotions.

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