Tweet 1001! A New Place of Buddhist Training Starts

It was all due to Heather in Edmonton who showed me boldness when I was but an innocent aboard the Internet, stepping falteringly into it. She signed me up for Twitter in 2006 at the very start of what has grown to become a huge micro blogging phenomena and this post is Tweet 1001. A screenshot of my 1000th Tweet is copied below.

1000th Tweet.
1000th Tweet.

Before those of you who shudder at the tinkling of social media talk move on, the tinkling can’t be all bad. Not all silliness, inane jabber, time-wasting and brain cell degrading. This 1000th Tweet above is, by shear coincidence, about the Field of Merit Project renting a property. This is a major step towards opening the doors to another place where people practicing within our order can go and retreat at. Well I couldn’t be more delighted to use SM to let people know about that. Over on the Field of Merit Facebook page 232 people have so far seen this: Facebook

More photographs of the new property can be found here. And yes, I’m rather careful about how I use SM and especially how long I spend gazing at my computer monitor. A story from China to wonder at.

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