12 – Reading the Record of Eihei Dogen by Ryokan

For five hundred years it’s been covered with dust
just because no one has had an eye for recognizing dharma.
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3 thoughts on “12 – Reading the Record of Eihei Dogen by Ryokan”

  1. Reference to your blog keeps popping up on my google alert for Dogen, but I can never find any text – just photos.

    Am I missing the text somehwhere, or do you only post photos?

    Thank you.


  2. Hello. Rev. Mugo is on retreat until the end of this week.

    She prepared this set of photographs and quotations from Ryokan’s poem before she left to provide a regular entry while she was away. I’m posting one a day on her behalf.

    If you click back to the archive for April you will pick up the first few in the series and the entry she wrote about her plans.

    in gassho


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