16 – Reading the Record of Eihei Dogen by Ryokan

I wanted to speak but didn’t as I was deeply embarrassed;
my mind deeply distressed, it was impossible to give an explanation.
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2 thoughts on “16 – Reading the Record of Eihei Dogen by Ryokan”

  1. In her book ‘Everyday Zen’, Joko Beck mentions Menzan Zenji’s emphasis on the importance of ‘clarifying how emotional thought melts’ a couple of times, and that really stayed with me.

    Great Master Dogen’s writings have always seemed a bit dry and impenetrable to me, but this series of pictures and words, showing a very human aspect of Ryokan in relation to Dogen, really brings out this aspect of practice for me.

    Thanks for doing this. I hope your energy levels are fully restored now. I often think of you there at the hermitge.

    In Gassho

  2. Thanks Dave. Getting to read more about Dogen the person has certainly ‘warmed him up’ for me.

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