Drink Your Weeds!

During the second WW my mother drank dandelion coffee, because there wasn’t anything else. People are still drinking dandelion coffee, even making their own.

There are plenty of reasons to celebrate the dandelion. People eat the greens and crowns. Make wine and fritters from the blossoms. But for me, dandelion-root coffee is the real prize. Because organic, fair trade coffee is pricey, it’s easy to quantify the value every scoop of dandelion coffee that I brew.
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This is transition day – Bay Area up through the burning hot Sacramento Valley to the heady heights of Mount Shasta.

New View on Right Speach

Ask Oxford Quote of the week.

No one gossips about
other people’s secret virtues.

Bertrand Russell (1872–1970), British philosopher and mathematician.

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Dog Owners Must Fill up Holes Dug by Their Pets!

Another Place. An Antony Gormley art installation on Crosby Beach, near Liverpool England.
Wet dog, Crosby.

These Iron Men standing tall in the bay at Crosby have raised a great deal of controversy over the years however from what I read there are here to stay. Zipping now back to sunny California I remember driving along beside the East Bay and observing an art instillation sometimes awash at high tide often, forlorn, rising out of the mud at low tide. That’s all gone now it would seem. Perhaps Antony Gormley’s work will grace the Bay one day.

This afternoon I was taken out dog walking on the East Bay at the 23 acre Point Isobel off leash dog park. It’s just a couple of miles drive from the Priory. What a treat! Dogs everywhere. Watch out, she is a leaner! the owner of an Irish Setter warns me as the elegant auburn haired, long legged one pressed herself into my legs. Then I bend to stroke a tiny dog. What a cute pug, is she a puppy? No, she is petite! Shadow, the dog we were walking, accidentally-on-purpose allows his ball to dribble down into Hoffman Channel, again and again and again. He likes to swim.

Leashes are optional for non-aggressive dogs in Point Isabel with certain restrictions. Dog owners must have a leash on hand, clean up their pet’s waste and fill up holes dug by their pet. Dogs who become aggressive must be leashed immediately. Dogs are allowed to swim in Hoffman Channel, but not in Hoffman Marsh. Dog owners also must prevent their pets from disturbing feeding birds at low tide.
Wikipedia on Point Isable.

My early monastic life was shared with dogs. O, the stories I could tell! Later monastic life was dominated by a Bloodhound. The story goes he once dove into Hoffman Channel then vigorously shook his muddy self, spraying a freshly laundered white poodle to every bodies dismay! Thankfully I wasn’t present.

Our dogs taught us about compassion. They do some crazy things, as do all of us at some time or another.

Thanks to Angie for the photographs.