Drink Your Weeds!

During the second WW my mother drank dandelion coffee, because there wasn’t anything else. People are still drinking dandelion coffee, even making their own.

There are plenty of reasons to celebrate the dandelion. People eat the greens and crowns. Make wine and fritters from the blossoms. But for me, dandelion-root coffee is the real prize. Because organic, fair trade coffee is pricey, it’s easy to quantify the value every scoop of dandelion coffee that I brew.
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This is transition day – Bay Area up through the burning hot Sacramento Valley to the heady heights of Mount Shasta.

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2 thoughts on “Drink Your Weeds!”

  1. My mother, a Belgian by birth, always added a proportion of ground chicory when making coffee. Maybe a relic of wartime austerity?

  2. Someone from the southwest U.S. introduced me to coffee with chicory. The brand was called “Luzianne” as it claimed to originate from Louisiana. It wasn’t a habit I picked up.

    The notion of substituting any type of plant materials for my morning cup of Dark French Roast is a strong reminder of the force of attachment!

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