Article On Shasta Abbey Monks

Several of the monks at Shasta Abbey attended the University of Washington earlier in their lives. Recently they were interviewed about their journey to, and their lives in, the monastery. The magazine is on line and can be downloaded (be warned, it’s a large file). The article starts on page 25. There are a few photographs included, I like the lead picture of a monk putting on her shoes outside of the ceremony hall. The lighting just catches the mood and feel of early morning.

And now in the late evening the crickets chirp away in the night, the traffic on Interstate Five a constant whoosh, whoosh background accompaniment. Uh! there goes a truck. Grerrrrr. And another one. Visitors are sometimes surprised that a monastery would be sited right next to a busy interstate highway. The noise never did bother me when I lived here and it doesn’t now. As somebody once said in my presence, Where ever you are there will be sound!

Earth Bounty

Fancy Vegi at Monterey Market, North Berkeley.

One of my pleasures while staying at the Berkeley Priory is the Monterey Market. Here is a selection of vegetables, beautiful to look at and tasty to eat. Lotus and Burdock root, ladies fingers, fresh ginger, giant beans.

This market is well worth a visit. Earths bounty is indeed, awesome.

One farmer, Hunters, supplying the market are long time friend and benefactor of the monastery.

Tea For Three

Strawberry Shortcake on the blue plates

It was a beautiful sunny morning as we pulled away from the coast towards Mt. Shasta at about midday. Six hours later we arrived, having stopped a few time along the way. My regret is that I was not able to stop and perhaps meet a reader who lives in a town between the coast and Mt. Shasta. I already knew our journey was going to be unpredictable; time of leaving, stops and last moment business to deal with which might hold us up.

And therein is my thought for this day. Which is: the difference between dealing with and responding to a situation. In a commentary to the Precepts there is the teaching to do nothing whatsoever in a hurry. That is such great advice. Because when in a hurry, one is in the mind of dealing with a situation – quickly. When not in a hurry one is more likely to respond in a thoughtful and rounded way. I’ll remember that next time I am rushing along, as I was this morning, when just going along would be better.

One thing you can’t rush is tea. Taking tea needs to be a thoughtful and full rounded occasion. And Jim and Nancy and I have certainly enjoyed our teas and time together. Thank you, thank you both so much.