Earth Bounty

Fancy Vegi at Monterey Market, North Berkeley.

One of my pleasures while staying at the Berkeley Priory is the Monterey Market. Here is a selection of vegetables, beautiful to look at and tasty to eat. Lotus and Burdock root, ladies fingers, fresh ginger, giant beans.

This market is well worth a visit. Earths bounty is indeed, awesome.

One farmer, Hunters, supplying the market are long time friend and benefactor of the monastery.

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2 thoughts on “Earth Bounty”

  1. Dear Rev. Mugo, for the first time in what seems like a long time I’ve got chance to sit quietly and catch up with your travels…I seen to have hit the food themed episodes! All looks very delicious. Commenting from back home in Edinburgh after a long european tour.
    In gassho, Tim

  2. Tim, glad you are back safe and sound from your adventures in far flung places. Glad you like the food theme. I smiled at your comment. I have a few more sumptuous pictures taken at the market in Berkeley but it is a heck of thing to find some kind of link to Buddhism. (not that difficult in truth.) The mushroom link with Dogen just fell into place, no effort required.

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