Contemplation – Four

By Mark Rowan

Whereas a foolish person holds willfully to facts and details,
To drown in subtle differences of words and lines,

From Songs of Ryokan, Chinese Poems #103

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2 thoughts on “Contemplation – Four”

  1. I really do like these contemplations. Some are so subtle it takes a while to”sink in” and others have me nodding in instant agreement, where the heart says, “yes, I get that”.
    Perfect teaching in these times of enforced isolation and lockdown.
    With bows,
    Thank you Rev. Mugo.

    1. Norman will not see this reply to his comment, unfortunately. His underlying blood health condition escalated around the time he wrote this comment and having lots of tests it was found that he had developed Leukaemia. It is at the stage where he is not able to receive treatment, yesterday he was moved into the local Hospice. Love yer Norman. Merit for this trouper of a chap would be much appreciated I’m sure.

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