My Luminous Friend

Goodbye my Luminous friend See you Sometime. Somewhere On some distant Ground We meet again. Guardians Gather To show You the Way. Never far away. Has it been a whole month already? Sad to leave Canada and the people I know and love here. Thank you folks. Now preparing myself to fly to San Francisco … Continue reading My Luminous Friend

Unconditional Love

Remarkable happenings happen when a person is close to death. Not able to see or hear a woman hears and speaks – to her daughter. Then passes on. Amazing. Remarkable the bond between parent and off spring. Remarkable too is the impact of the offering of prayers and spiritual merit. A young man close to … Continue reading Unconditional Love

Being Mortal

As a bubble in a stream a phantasm a dream. Who knows how and where the sweet dew of mortal life will…make manifest. In life do we notice? Yes! But life is eternal Isn’t it? Right now never ends! With a crash or a thud or a slow dribbling away. Life breath stops Eternal night? … Continue reading Being Mortal

Being Mortal – What Matters In The End -(Book)

Impermanence, one of the three signs of existence, has certainly been to the forefront of my mind since I left England back in mid May. I’ve lost count of how many deaths there have been in the last seven month. All people significant to me. Death is certainly a wake up call in terms of … Continue reading Being Mortal – What Matters In The End -(Book)

Greyhound Bus

They call it the grey dog. Its Americas endurance test on wheels. Now coming into the eighth hour running fast and smooth towards Arcata on the north California coast. Plenty of time to contemplate the death of My Luminous Friend. To sit still with him as he goes on. This post is for a chap … Continue reading Greyhound Bus