A Practical Guidance to Being Where You Are

I gave this talk, via Zoom, to a handful of people yesterday afternoon. It has just been published on the Throssel Website. I welcome questions and comments.

‘Being Where You Are’
This talk includes a guided meditation focusing on connecting with physicality and physical location including one minute of zazen. A brief talk, given while sitting in zazen, is followed by reflecting on what happens internally when moving from sitting alone to engaging with the external world. There is in addition practical guidance on how not to ‘lose oneself’ in daily living. The talk ends with a rhetorical question:  ‘what is it that draws us back (sooner or later) to zazen’?

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2 thoughts on “A Practical Guidance to Being Where You Are”

  1. There is so much here in this talk that I needed to hear right now Reverend Master. It never gets old; it’s uncanny the way the same message that made so much sense to me twenty years ago can still make so much sense today. Indeed, sometimes it is the only thing that makes sense! Thank you.

    1. Indeed Miles and, for me, I find I see or know in more detail the habits that cause me to (overly) ‘pull into’ interacting externally and the other side of that. Being pulled in to ruminate unhelpfully! This makes that question all the more poignant, ‘What IS it that has us, sooner or later, returning to zazen – our sitting place’?

      Always good to talk to you, even if via these means.

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