Airport Training

Walter of Evolving Space is in the air to Singapore, he is re-locating there to work.

Here’s part of a comment I left on his last posting before leaving England: “It does seem to be a time when the mountains are moving, yet remaining rooted at the same time. I don’t think one has to appear calm or peaceful to be rooted. Roots go deep. Trust the roots will hold you to the Eternal heart! That could be a poem couldn’t it!”

Please write lots about Singapore, and post lots of your fantastic photos too.

I watched Brokeback Mountain this evening; joy and happiness, unspeakable grief. A tragic and moving story. Let’s spare a thought for the suffering that this movie points to.
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One thought on “Airport Training”

  1. Dear Rev. Mugo,

    It’s Sunday morning and with my first cup of coffee I was online and read today’s blog with the comment at the end about the movie. Of course, the movie had special meaning for me. What I’d like to share with others is something that is being spoken about in the community here and that is the difficult and often dangerous position in society for homosexuals in Eastern Europe. Just in the past few days there has been a lot of violence against Gays and Lesbians in Poland, Romania and Russia. In fact, one of the Green Politicians went to show support in Moscow and during a march was badly beaten, while the police watched and did nothing and told him if he were a “real” man he could defend himself. To draw attention to their plight, Frankfurt’s community is paying for lodging and meals for 100 Gay and Lesbians to come for the three day “Gay Pride Event”—Called “Christopher Street Day” here.
    Hopefully, protestors on both sides can learn to show compassion for one another and bring much of the suffering to an end.In most of Western Europe we are very lucky, I’m legally “married” to my partner and have never felt any discrimination here.

    CNN-Europe also had a report about the suffering of these individuals in the Middle East.
    y the way, I found the article by Rev. Daizui at Throssel Hole about homosexuality and training…it was wonderful to read and to have confirmed in my heart that EVERYONE is able to train in Buddhism!

    Sorry for such a long comment…maybe it’s because my coffee is almost gone and I’ve had too much caffeine! :0)

    In gassho…Jack

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