Alone With Others

Here at Telford Priory to write a leaflet about our religious order, The Order of Buddhist Contemplatives. The intent is to raise awareness about the Order generally. What it does, it’s purpose and the like. Here’s a line about our basic religious purpose:

The underlying purpose of the Order is to foster the successful religious practice of its members.

On way to foster success is to remember that one practices alone together with others. Writing collaboratively, as we are, is an expression of this. When isn’t it a matter of alone/together?

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3 thoughts on “Alone With Others”

  1. Never.
    Even when sitting alone in my room, I am not alone when I realise that somewhere, someone will be sitting at this very moment too.
    I remember one dawn, sitting on an empty Cyprus beach, I felt the whole universe was doing zazen with me.

    Mind you, its not always so tranquil, sometimes I need to remind myself I am not alone.


  2. I think you point to the basic ‘pain’ and wonder of what it is to be human; we regognise that we are dependant upon each other and our environment yet we are alone. We each have to live and face our own death. Yet we are connected and seek to strengthen our view of our connection.

    For me practice is key to the spacious mind of awareness, awareness of my connected aloneness.

    Last week I shared time with others engaged in growth work this week I am back in the general hubbub of the world; different connections.

  3. Some years ago I realized that one of the most rewarding aspects of our practice as a Sangha is that we develop the ability to be together without the habitual, nervous chatter that characterizes so much of group behavior in the world. To be still and quiet in company with others who are being still and quiet is to discover a harmony and affection that is perfectly content to be still and quiet.

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