Always The Mountain Remains


The first day of the new year. 2010. It’s ten years since the following messages were written in my Daily Office scripture book.

Sun and mist come and go –
And always the Mountain remains.

In gratitude for all that has been given;
for all we are, collectively and singly;
for all that will be received,
and in readiness…

How fortunate we are…
To meet friends
along the way.

Yes, how very fortunate we are.

The first words my Master spoke to me were, Come in friend! in response to my opening a door to the room she was in. I can hear her still.

We celebrate Rev. Master Jiyu-Kennett’s birthday this morning with a ceremony, The Festival of the Birth of our Founder. Without her, this place would not be in existence.

Thank you friends. Please continue to come here, you are welcomed.

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4 thoughts on “Always The Mountain Remains”

  1. Fortunate indeed, Rev. Mugo. Thank you for pointing the way so clearly, kindly and patiently over the years.

    Very best wishes for 2010 to you and your fellow monks.

  2. This morning gazing out the east window, blues and shades of gray and white washed across the sky tidelike, with now and then a sparkling of sun. Images of fresh, clean laundry hung outdoors crossed my fancy, and all the while the fuzzy old cat, gray as a thundercloud, slept on the windowsill ignoring it all.

    Thank you for the lovely posting which reflected just that . . . .the Still Mountain.

  3. I have never actually met Rev. Master Jiyu and yet I feel I have known her all my life. Her writings and and tape lectures speak straight to the heart.



  4. I believe the phrase “come in, friend” absolutely summarizes everything I feel as a reader when I visit this site: welcomed and included!

    Thank you and please keep up the wonderful work you do here.

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