An Untroubled Bee Reflects

Here’s a picture of a bumble bee
looks nowt like you and nowt like me
only difference is – he is free
from ever looking inwardly

sniffs the flowers and
then is gone,
never troubled by right or wrong
sun is out and the
sky is blue
has no thought of me or you

More verses to be found on Herbwormwood’s blog

This poem took me right back to my teens when I wrote some words reflecting on a bee I’d observed as I lazily lay on a lawn. Bee and me we are one, labouring onwards and upwards.…dah de dah dee dah! I like the care free bee of this poem which is free from ever looking inwardly!

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7 thoughts on “An Untroubled Bee Reflects”

  1. Lovely poem…a kind of to be or not to bee, that’s a problem never on the bee’s mind, if indeed it has one.

    1. Indeed! If a bee knows who it is, who knows! All rather current for my studies on consciousness and mind and….all that stuff. Just a personal exploration which I do not trouble people with on this blog. Glad you are still watching here, and reading.

      1. Maybe a bee has a mind, a hive mind. It does have preferences and wishes, as far as I can see! Non-competitive, sharing with others, happy! I also watch ants being very social. Thanks for the interest in my friend’s poem.

  2. Dear Rev. Mugo. I am watching lots of bees coming and going right now as l look out of my window because they have settled in my facia which is a solid long block of plastic with a hole in it. They really are busy. (Bumble bees). May see you Thursday x

    1. Wow! Betty that could be serious could it not?
      We had a bunch of stinging creatures settle in under the front step at the Reading Priory. And it turned out we had a swarm of bees!

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